Product Tutorials
Product Tutorials
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Orabloc (2020 Update)
Orabloc® delivers a rapid onset time of one to nine minutes and a reliable duration of up to one hour. It has a 33% longer shelf life, less epinephrine overages than anesthetic made with a terminal sterilization process, and requires less volume than lidocaine anesthetics.
The Use of Autofluorescence for Oral Cancer Screening
The innovation of Goccles lets you conduct simple, non-invasive and painless examinations of the oral cavity, early screening for oral cancer and other precancerous lesions.
Guide to Rapid Examination with Goccles
Goccles is a medical device developed to be used in combination with the usual curing light in dentist surgeries.
Goccles: Dr. Brown on Goccles Benefits (01:36)
Dr. Tanya Brown discusses the importance of oral cancer screening and the ease of using GOCCLES® for oral cancer detection.
Goccles: Dr. Goldie on Goccles Benefits (03:38)
Dr. Maria Goldie discusses the benefits of GOCCLES®, an oral cancer screening glass, and shows clinical images comparing conventional visual exams versus using GOCCLES®.
Goccles® - 60 Seconds can Save a Life
With the innovative Goccles® you can run a simple, non-invasive and painless test of the oral cavity, for the early screening of oral cancer and other precancerous lesions.
Goccles®: A new optical device for oral cancer screening
Goccles is a revolutionary pair of glasses for the early screening of pre-cancerous lesions of the oral cavity. All you need is Goccles and a common curing light. Watch this video and learn how your customers can help save lives with Goccles.
Orabloc: Dr. Stonisch - Benefits of Articaine (03:54)
Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch discusses the benefits and chemistry of articaine in Orabloc™ from Pierrel Pharma.
Orabloc: Dr. Brown on Orabloc Benefits (01:02)
Dr. Tanya Brown discusses the benefits of using Orabloc®, an articaine anethestic.
Orabloc: Dr. Isen on Local Anesthetic Safety in Pregnancy (02:21)
Dr. David Isen talks about a study regarding the use of local anesthesia in dental treatment during pregnancy and how they DO NOT pose a teratogenic risk.
Orabloc: Dr. Lieblich on Protein Binding, Infection and using Articaine (03:15)
Dr. Stuart Lieblich discusses protein binding, infection and using a lower pKa agent, such as Orabloc® 4% hydrochloride articaine, to allow more base molecules to cross the nerve membrane for use.
Orabloc: Dr. Lieblich on Integrating Articaine into your Practice (02:40)
Dr. Stuart Lieblich talks about his armamentarium and how to administer the articaine agent on children, in particular Orabloc®.
Orabloc: Dr. Lieblich on Orabloc Benefits
Dr. Stuart Lieblich discusses his technique of using local anesthesia on young patients, preferably Orabloc®, a 4% hydrochloride articaine for pain reduction.
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